Why should you choose Elastic Minds?

For our teaching philosophy...

Elastic Minds provides an individually designed academic tutoring program for preschool aged children through college.  We have highly-qualified, certified teachers that are learning specialists who individually tutor each student based on their academic needs, learning style, and developmental level. We use the most modern, innovative and engaging materials available. Our teachers are experienced and trained in multi-sensory instruction in the areas of Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, Writing, and Test Preparation for private school admissions, as well as Test Preparation for public school state assessments. In addition to school-age programs, we have teachers that also specialize in preschool activities to assist the younger population in developing reading readiness skills for kindergarten preparation.


First, an initial assessment is provided for each student for a teacher to create a customized tutoring plan based on the results and the students’ needs.  Students will work with their experienced tutor one-on-one to enhance their skills in the areas of focus. Modifications in students’ academic programs are continuous as they master their skills.